Top 5 Ideas For Transgender Dating

Transgender dating a little bit trickier than dating a cis person. You worry that you will say or ask the wrong thing and it can be nerve wrecking. However, some things are completely the same. You need to organize a creative date which will help you dazzle your girl. If you have just started going on transgender dates and you are wondering where you should take your girl, we have several suggestions.

transgender dating


If you live near water, you are lucky. You can go for a walk on the beach, have a picnic on it, or, if possible, you can go for a boat ride. It can be one of those huge boats with a restaurant, or you can simply rent a paddle boat and have some fun. It is an original date which will give you the opportunity to get to know each other better.


When you decide to move your conversation from TG personals into the real world, bowling can be a great first date option. Since you are not sitting face to face, the pressure will be off. You can have fun, have a little friendly competition and enjoy yourselves.


If you can make a girl laugh, she is yours. But, if humor (especially on the first date) isn’t your virtue, you can get someone else to do it for you. Take your girl to see a standup comedy show. You will share some laughs and later on you can talk about the show. Jokes you hear there will probably become your inside jokes, which is a great ice breaker.


What is more romantic than a sky full of stars? You can visit a projection at a local planetarium and enjoy the starry sky indoors. Since planetariums are usually dark, you will have all the privacy you need for a romantic date.

Theme park

Let your inner child go wild. Go on a ride on a roller coaster, visit the shooting range and win her a stuffed animal. Eat some cotton candy, hold hands and feel like teenagers again. Who says that theme parks are only for kids? You will have a blast while checking out all those fun rides.