Top 5 Actors Who Completely Changed Their Looks For Their Roles

We all know how glamorous and beautiful stars look on the red carpet. They even publish a bunch of pictures and videos on their celebrity Snapchats, so we all can see how they are having a good time. However, when it comes to movies, actors are not afraid to get ugly for a big role. As you probably know, many of them have won Oscars this way. When they put on or lose a lot of weight and go through a complete makeover, Academy loves it.  Here are several actors that transformed their bodies for famous roles.

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Renee Zellweger

This Hollywood beauty piled on the pounds to Bridget Jones. She actually felt happy that she could finally eat whatever she wanted and not pay attention to her figure. After only a few weeks she claimed that she started to feel unwell, but she continued with overeating so she could look like Bridget from the books. Every girl (and some guys) love adorable and chubby Bridget played by Renee. After the filming was finished, she slimed down to her usual size. However, then came the sequel and she had to go through this process all over again. Fortunately, for the third movie about this clumsy British girl she could stay fit, since even the Bridget from the books lost weight.

Christian Bale

If someone is known for body transformations it’s Bale. He has undergone physical changes for many of his films. For The Machinist and The Fighter he lost extreme amounts of weight. He is dedicated to his roles, so he worked with the nutritionist who helped him go through weight loss process, but he also starved himself, worked out and used vitamins. All this work paid off since he got the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In the American Hustle we almost couldn’t recognize him. He had a thinning hair and a belly pooch. For that role he had to gain a lot of weight, so he ate as much junk food as he could.

Charlize Theron

Charlize is famous for her beauty and gorgeous eyes. However, when she played serial killer Aileen Wurnos, she gained 30 pounds, wore a lot of makeup and prosthetic teeth. No one expected that this bombshell could pull off the role of  disturbed character, but she gave an incredible performance and proved to the world that she is more than a pretty face. She even won seventeen (!) awards for this role including the Academy Award for Best Actress, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress.

Emma Thompson

This British lady is famous for her charm and winning smile. However, with bushy brows, a bulbous nose and false teeth she looked nothing like herself in Nanny McPhee films. Every day before filming makeup artists attached prosthetic ears and nose to her, which took two hours. Add on that a few warts and a frizzy hair and Nanny McPhee was born.

Jared Leto

Like many Snapchat celebrities, Jared is also known for his good looks. He has stunning blue eyes and a manly jaw which women all around the world love. No wonder he is one of the celebrities on Snapchat with many followers. He loves roles that really push him to step out of his comfort zone. It took him months to gain weight to play John Lennon’s assassin in Chapter 27. Then he took off 40 pounds to play a trans woman who has AIDS in The Dallas Buyers Club. He won a Golden Globe for his performance.