Older Women Dating Younger Men – Pros And Cons [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many people don’t like the idea of older women dating younger men. They think these gals are “robbing the cradle” and that they should stick to senior men. We, on the other hand, think that these relationships are rather exciting and precious. They can provide an older woman with an opportunity to find love and excitement the second time around while giving a young man a chance to learn and gain some valuable romantic experience. Of course, just like any other union out there, this arrangement has its benefits and pitfalls. So, if you’re interested in engaging in a similar relationship, you better stick around and find out what are the biggest pros and cons of the bond between a senior woman and a young man.

Older Women Dating


They Can Teach Each Other New Stuff

It doesn’t matter if it’s older dating online or in person, this particular niche allows participants to enjoy various aspects of modern-day relationships. Senior women can learn a lot from their young partners. These fellas can show them the perks of new technology wonders likes smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, experienced ladies are more than happy to educate young studs about love, romance, and sex.

His Stamina Matches Her Experience In The Bedroom

Since we mentioned sex, it’s safe to assume that mature women don’t like dating older men simply because they’re worn out. Old guys are not able to last very long in bed which means these women need someone who can go all night long. Young men possess the necessary stamina and determination to satisfy rather high sexual urges these gals have. At the same time, they can learn a lot from their experienced sexual partner.

It’s An Adventure For Both Man And Woman

Younger dudes are full of life and older women are drawn to that relentless energy. These “Cougars” are seeking wild adventures, and junior studs are able to provide them with a ride of their life. They can take them on lovely journeys and introduce them to the crazy night life. At the same time, these “juvenile” guys are exploring the sexual wonders they’ve never experienced before. Two different types of adventure, but it’s safe to say that both sides are very satisfied with their end of the bargain.


Guys Can Be Immature And Cougars Are Not Interested In The Babysitting Business

These guys are called “green” for a reason. Most of them are strong and good-looking, but these benefits come with an ironic price. The majority of them can be rather childish and senior women simply can’t deal with this particular problem. Experienced ladies “survived” having children once and they’re not interested in being someone’s mother figure! This is, without a doubt, one of the most common reasons why these relationships fail. If the couple doesn’t have this problem, they’re in the clear.

Meeting The Friends Can Be Awkward

Even though the age difference might be extremely hot when it comes to romance and sex, this big generation gap can cause problems on other “fronts”. For example, meeting the friends and family can be rather awkward and unpleasant. Just imagine a mature woman who’s trying to bond with a bunch of 25-year-olds over online gaming. It doesn’t sound right, does it? The case is no different the other way around. Picture a conversation between a young stud and a group of older, experienced women. They simply don’t have enough mutual interests and relatable topics. This also means that the young man and a senior woman simply can’t have mutual friends. This particular situation can create a certain level of tension in the relationship that can be fatal.

Past Baggage Can Be Overwhelming

Everyone has their past, especially senior single ladies. As a matter of fact, they’re the ones who are often running from said past. Turbulent love life and unstable ex-partners are the two most frequent things older gals are trying to get away from. This is exactly why they’re looking for some fresh blood. However hot and exciting this may seem, most green dudes are simply not able to deal with that vivid past. Those former relationships/marriages can be overwhelming and this is one of the main reasons why these specific unions don’t work sometimes.