5 Things you Need to Consider before Cougar Dating

So, you we’ve just embarked on a cougar dating adventure but are out of fresh ideas that will make your first date memorable? There’s no reason to be worried, though, not really, since our list will get you covered. Keep in mind that cougar ladies are a special kind, meaning one wrong move and you’re out of the picture. Further, these females are fearless, experienced and know what they want from life, which means that they have certain expectations when it comes to their suitors, so make sure not to embarrass yourself when on a date with one of them. Anyway, take your time to go through this list think about the factors that are crucial for a successful first date and let us know if anything worked for you.

cougar dating

Location is Very Important

Choosing the right location is basically a key for a successful date. It may sound easy, but it’s actually not, especially if you don’t know a person very well, or you’ve just met her on some of cougar dating sites and have to arrange a date based solely on what you’ve learned about her while you were hanging out in a chat room. It’s not a secret that many first dates end up being a complete disaster. Okay, there are some things that are certainly beyond you, but what you can do is choose a nice and decent location that will help you leave a good first impression. The fact that you’re dating a cougar doesn’t change anything. She doesn’t want a classic toyboy but someone who is capable of bringing good choices.

The place doesn’t have to be expensive

There are many awesome places that are a perfect fit for a cougar dating. Just think about your gal, does she likes clubs or is more inclined to romantic restaurants that are couple of miles far from the downtown? Keep in mind that a good planning is basically a half of success.

Ask her about where she lives

Okay, she doesn’t have to give you the street name, but this is very important for choosing the right location. You wouldn’t want her to travel across the entire town or city just to meet with you, right? Think about the entire convenience aspect and believe us that she will be grateful for that.

Pick the place that you like

While, on one hand, is perfectly natural to try to please your date, you shouldn’t forget to be true to yourself also. After all, if the chemistry turns out to be real, everything else would be less important. And if not – well, you can always give that cougar finder you use another try, right?

Consider having a Backup Plan

Keep in mind that something can always go wrong. The place might be closed or perhaps you’ll see that your cougar date doesn’t fancy your original location choice. Don’t waste any moment of your precious time and show the initiative by offering her to switch the location immediately. She will know to appreciate your willingness to act like a concerned gentleman and it will definitely pay off.