10 celebrity Snapchat codes that reveal a lot about their respective owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snapchat is currently bigger than Facebook whether we believe it or not, but it’s still not as friendly as the latter when it comes to discovering celebrity Snapchat codes as one would logically assume. Namely, there are many stars who use cryptic handles that simply don’t have anything in common with their real names and this is where the most of the problem actually originates from since one can’t simply click on the magnifying glass option within the Snapchat app and then just type the name of the desired celebrity. No sir, you have to know their username in advance.

celebrity Snapchat codes

On the other hand, what’s interesting to analyze is how celebrities opt for their Snapchat handles as these are sometimes the same as their birth names (and therefore of no interest to us) while other times we can’t actually figure it out what’s the meaning behind them without performing some extra digging. Anyways, these are just 10 that have caught our attention so far but we’re pretty sure there are more.

#1 Ariana Grande – moonlightbae

The famous singer is really enjoying tremendous popularity on Snapchat, and her Snapchat username really is in accordance with that playful side of hers that often emerges on this social network, whether we’re talking about her using the popular filters, emojis or snapping about her pets.

#2 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – TheRock

The Rock’s snaps are often hilarious because he enjoys roasting other celebrities like Kevin Hart. On the other hand, his workout snaps are not made to make you feel bad about yourself. All in all, the Rock has proven to have what it takes to run one of those celebrity Snapchat accounts that will make you roll all over the floor, laughing. This means that he’s stronger than ever, both literally and figuratively speaking – a true rock!

#3 Arnold Schwarzenegger – ArnoldSchnitzel

The Austrian-American movie star with more than few iconic roles has clearly demonstrated his sense of humor by choosing a handle that contains one of the few German words that is understood by many and thus proved once again that he doesn’t have a problem with his strong native accent and European origins. Moreover, the Terminator is actually dominating the world of Snapchat right now with his funny posts.

#4 Bella Hadid – BabyBels777

There’s no wonder that Bella Hadid chose the name that has a word “baby” in it since she’s a real emoji addict and often includes various filters in her snaps, which altogether proves that she’s clearly a member of younger and more urban generation to which Snapchat feels like home.

#5 Hillary Duff – OhHeyHilary

Now, this is what we call a great Snapchat handle since it clearly indicates the owner is willing to connect with other users, even though she’s a celebrity. Great choice, Hilary!

#6 Justin Bieber – RickTheSizzler

Bieber actually has an alter ego that goes by the name of Rick the Sizzler. He wears fake mustache and shades and talks in a funny country accent. This all tells us that Biebs boasts an amazing sense of humor that is often displayed in his snaps, meaning this is one of those famous Snapchat accounts that you simply have to follow.

#7 Kylie Jenner – KylizzleMyNizzl

If one has truly mastered the secrets of Snapchat, then it must be King Kylie who uses the mobile app under this strange, tongue-breaking handle that according to Urban Dictionary means:.. “*Kylie my nigga* So to all you white people…DON’T SAY THE FUCKING NAME!

#8 Serena Williams – SerenaUnmatched

She is one of the few, if not the only professional tennis player who has a Snapchat account. And judging by her Snapchat username, Serena has a lot of faith in herself, which is a quality that graces every true winner out there. Go girl!

#9 Cara Delevingne – CaraDevilQueen

The famous British actress and fashion model performed an interesting game of words and thus made a Snapchat handle that sounds very similar to her birth name. This has convinced us that she’s a nerd in disguise.

#10 The Weeknd – xo.official

It’s not a secret that Canadian singer and songwriter’s career skyrocketed during the last couple of years which resulted in many fruitful collaborations with other big names in the music industry. He usually uses the xo in all his social media handles, which is an emoticon for kiss and hug. Still, the VH1’s Zara Golden thinks it’s a reference to his use of ecstasy and oxycodone…Well, who can honestly tell if that’s true?

Do you follow some of these celebs on Snapchat? How do you feel about our list? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!